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Largest Social Security Benefits

Social Security claimants annually pass up billions of dollars by not using a simple, but rarely used, benefit option. This option is just one of my 44 financially rewarding insider tips that I cover in my book, Social Security Inside Out.

Recently retiring from the Social Security Administration, I wrote an 18 page workbook with answers to 27 important Social Security questions while divulging 44 insider tips to show you how to get the largest benefits possible. To keep my material up-to-date, I monitor Social Security employee manuals to update this book with any Social Security changes.

Learn from an expert

Reading my book will give you current information about Social Security and the confidence to make informed decisions to get the largest retirement, spouse and widow or widower checks.

Take charge of your future

When it comes time to collect your Social Security benefits, you need to be more than a spectator. Take an informed and active part to get the largest checks possible.

Old dogs can learn new tricks

Even if you are already receiving Social Security checks, learn how to make sure you are getting the correct amount and if you can get even more in the future.

Retirement Benefits

When should I start Social Security benefits?

Learn the pros and cons of retiring at age 62, 66, 70 or any time from 62 to 70 years old. An insider tip explains a way to get some benefits early and still get the 32% bonus at age 70. Learn how you can sign up for retirement benefits but suspend checks to get extra money for your family in the long run.

Spouse Benefits

Should I get benefits from my record or as a spouse?

I cover the various options so you will know how to get the most benefits. A rarely used insider tip shows you how to get extra spouse benefits even though the primary worker hasn't retired. In addition, learn how you can get spouse benefits while your own benefits grow by 32%.

Widow Benefits

What will my spouse get if I die?

You will learn how much your spouse will collect if you die. In addition, you will learn how the start of your retirement can increase or decrease future widow benefits.

Do I get widow benefits or my own retirement?

I explain how a widow or widower can switch back and forth between retirement and survivor benefits to collect the most money from both programs. For example, you can draw widow benefits from 60 to 70-years-old and then switch to your own retirement with a 32% bonus. Learn when you should draw widow benefits to get the most benefits from both programs.

Divorced Benefits

Can I get benefits from my ex-husband?

I explain the rules concerning divorced spouse benefits. Often you can get divorced spouse benefits even if your ex-spouse doesn't sign up for benefits. I explain whether you should collect your own retirement benefits or divorced spouse benefits or both.

Biggest Social Security Benefits

Don't Be Shortchanged.

I warn you about six areas that cause underpayments. For example, over 250 million W-2s never have been credited to any worker. I reveal a simple, but rarely used, insider tip to make sure you get credit for all of your work. Furthermore, you will learn the different times to contact Social Security to draw the most benefits possible throughout your life.

Free Retirement Guide

Included is a retirement guide, 46 Retirement Pitfalls. Save yourself financial trouble and emotional stress by learning from other retired people. This indispensable retirement guide is included FREE with Social Security Inside Out.

Robert Bruce
Social Security District Manager (Retired)

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Me outside the White House

What readers said about Social Security Inside Out:

"I would not have asked this question if not for the book and I know that the SS worker, just as nice as she could be which was a surprise in itself, would never have suggested we do this."

"I cannot imagine anyone, especially a widow, ever contacting SSA without your booklet."

"The SS worker was reluctant to tell me I could do this - I almost did not ask because I thought it was too good to be true. It is true."

"...was so surprising to me."

"I am not dreading it (applying for Social Security) as much as I was."

"I purchased your Social Security guide and found it extremely helpful. I am receiving a divorced spouse benefit check each month even though I had been told initially that I was not eligible. Your information gave me the tools I needed to get the situation resolved."

"Just ordered another book. This time for an army buddy who is going to retire this year."

"It was very informative, useful and made the thought of applying for Social Security much less daunting."

"...a great planning tool."

"Your insights have meant the difference between less and more for (my) retirement benefits."

"My colleague was telling other branches about your workbook and they plan on ordering it."

"From my experience when you talk to more than one person you get different answers, so I want to be sure I know enough to have an intelligent conversation prior to collecting benefits."

"Investing in your book was one of the best choices I could have made."

"I've read it three times and learn something new from each reading."

"...your booklet was very "eye-opening" to say the least, a very good book"

"Thank you for your consideration and especially thank you for a clearly written, invaluable tool to enable people to get what they have earned from an extraordinarily complex program."

"Wow, you are knowledgeable!"

"Thank you, thank you and thank you."

Reviews of My Workbook

The Chicago Tribune ran a review of my workbook that states, "He knows how to avoid common mistakes people make regarding applying for Social Security benefits. His 38-page booklet (available at, $19.95) contains a great deal of useful information, including a list of retirement pitfalls, along with worksheets to help in your decision-making."

Relevant Investments, an investment advisory firm, recommended my workbook stating, "In 38 pages he takes the mystery out of the benefit choices we face and guides us through examples in order to make sound decisions."

Click the link to read the full review.

Relevant Investments

But why do I need to read your workbook?

You don't know what you don't know. However, after spending 30 minutes reading Social Security Inside Out, you will have a complete understanding of Social Security retirement, spouse and widow benefits.

Using understandable terms and easy to follow examples, I cover benefit options and inside tips that are rarely, if ever, covered by Social Security workers.

I constantly monitor Social Security employee operation manuals for any changes and revise my book whenever needed to make it current.

You spent many years and lots of money learning your working career. Shouldn’t you spend 30 minutes and $19.95 (which includes postage) to understand this valuable part of your retirement career?

You will feel comfortable and confident when you talk with SSA employees. And you will be smarter than your brother-in-law. (Priceless)

Why don’t I just ask Social Security?

Social Security workers process applications for benefits but they don't cover how to get the most money over your expected lifetime.

Before you step inside a Social Security office, you need to know your options so YOU make the best decisions when you take into account your current and future financial needs.

Social Security Inside Out gives you a second opinion from an expert (not from the old guy down the street who knows even less than you do).

On the SSA website, you will never find my insider tips. With my experience, I am able to access and understand Social Security employee manuals to find the insider tips that are included in my book.

I guarantee you will learn tons of stuff about Social Security. I get thank you notes from everyone from average citizens to professional financial planners.

If you don’t read Social Security Inside Out, you can always hope that you will get all that you are due but how will you know for sure?

The cost of my book is only $19.95 (which includes $1.60 for postage): a bargain to learn how to get the largest Social Security benefits.


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